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About artguytom


I think I’m primarily a bring-ideas-to-life kinda guy.

Many entrepreneurs have an idea, but don’t know how to say it (copywriting) nor how to present it (graphic design). Some just have a need, with no idea of how to pitch it (spin, or framing).

Really, I’d say I’m an idea man (like Michael Keaton in Night Shift), but with the technical capability to realize the idea in various mediums so you can see it too. I have extensive experience in both print and web. In addition to hands-on production, I have managed and taught.

My most recent employer once introduced me to someone visiting the office as his “finisher,” meaning that he could impart to me a raw idea or intention and I would language it, flavor it graphically, and realize it as a working website or printed piece.

This website is a portfolio of my work, a venue for my web page experiments, and a work in progress.

You can see my resumé here.

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