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My Dallas Camera Club competition entries in 2019
Click on photo to enlarge. Click again to shrink.

photo of woman photo of a dancer photo of sunlight falling on altar in Russian church portrait of a fur seal reflection of mountain in lake photo of bicycle rider photo of Russian church in clouds abstract photo of Iceland church glass photo of road through mountains photo of family photo: shadow of girl jumping portrait of girl photo in Czech Ossuary photo: grizzly bear with crows young man with his grandmother abstract photo of glass in Iceland church abstract photo of reflections in water photo of Russian church in sunlight closeup photo of grasshopper clinging to window photo of children playing on monument landscape photo of sun on trees photo of fireeater landscape photo: pines through arch landscape photo: dead tree landscape photo: Morro Bay at sunset photo of sculpture photo of otter floating photo of Ephesus Library ruin landscape photo of waterfall photo trees through sculpture

Please check back. I'll be adding more stuff.